Overview Edit

Rudolph Beckett, known only by his code name "Risky", is a main character in Electric City. He is a hyperactive and flamboyant wolf, and an extremely talented hacker. Risky enters Electric City during the NANHI Conflict, while he worked as a black market hacker for hire, although this was only a cover as he was actually serving with the Self-Defense Force. Risky begins working with Crow Seetan and the others during his service, working to uncover a plot to destabilize and destroy the Federation.

History Edit

Not much is known about Risky's past. Risky was born to a dysfunctional family in 2085 on Earth, and during his school years, began to take an interest in computers and coding. He is openly gay, and is commonly seen clinging to any man he deems attractive, sometimes to their dismay. After graduating, Risky dropped out of college due to conflict arising between him and some homophobic classmates after the university board decided to ignore his complaints about their behavior. Unable to land a job without a diploma, Risky turned to the black market, offering his services to those in need of accessing secure info, including banking information and personal accounts. Risky was caught by the Self Defense Force and arrested, but offered his services to the SDF in lieu of prison time. After working with the SDF for a few years, he was offered a chance to enlist, and successfully completed the SDF Academy, before promoting to Detective Specialist and working as an informant in the black market, hacking into individuals looking to harm others and reporting them to his superiors. During the NANHI Crisis, Risky found himself working aboard the FNV Hyperion alongside Crow Seetan, who tasked him with researching Dr. Ivo Robotnik.