Jackal Valley Naval Shipyard, or JVNS, is a United Federation Naval Station based in Jackal Valley, Mars. JVNS is the Federation's primary starship yard, where nearly all vessels of the Navy go for maintenance, heavy repairs, and retrofitting. JVNS is bordered by a multitude of private sector shipyards and manufacturing plants, and is operated by the United Federation Navy. The shipyard is best known for it's production of the Navy's Massive-class line of starships.

History Edit

Jackal Valley Naval Station began construction in 2043, and was the first site on Mars to undergo colonization efforts. Due to the conditions on the planet, and the environmental impact of starship construction, Mars was designated as an 'industrial' planet, and as such, is host to a multitude of shipyards and vehicle manufacturers, such as Ford Interstellar Works, and General Aviation.