An I-Class Weapon is one of many forms of weapons of mass destruction. I-Class weapons vary in terms of power, form, and fuel, but in order to be categorized as an I-Class, the weapon or device must be capable of completely obliterating a planet sized celestial body, eradicating all forms of life.

Governments Containing I-Class Weapons Edit

United Federation Edit

The United Federation operates only one form of I-Class weapon, the 11th Cataclysm fleet. The Navy holds operational jurisdiction over the Cataclysm, and has a full-time crew aboard it at all times, as well as numerous vessels that patrol the sector around it. The fleet operates using collection of solar energy, which is beamed to six collection ships, and then focused into the primary cannon vessel. Upon completion of the charge, the final command to fire is activated from the bridge vessel, also dubbed the "trigger ship". The beam is then fired, powerful enough to destabilize a planets core and cause it to collapse.


NANHI successfully manufactured their own variant of an I-Class weapon, which was a plasma-based cannon mounted onto a starship. The weapon, although successful in design, was also heavily costly, and it's construction halted many of NANHI's auxiliary operations. The weapon was originally built for use against the Federation. However, NANHI command was worried about the response, knowing that the activation of an I-Class weapon in Federation space would be detected before it was able to charge, and that the reaction of the Federation could result in NANHI being wiped out. As such, they shifted their sights onto Mobius. Although they did have a headstart on Federation forces, the Navy was able to reach Mobius first, and with their aid, were able to disable the weapon and destroy it, forcing NANHI to retreat.